Unlocking the Twist

Do you ever feel twisted up or locked up in your neck or back? Many people think it’s just because they are getting old or it’s the old sports injury creeping up but there is usually another reason. Open your mind for a moment. Think of your spine like a linked chain. If you take the linked chain and twist it up, it will bind in the area it’s twisted when you bend the chain. Conversely, if the chain is in good alignment, it is very flexible when you bend it. Your spine operates in a similar manner. If your spine bones (vertebrae) get twisted up and stuck, your motion will dramatically reduce because the joints won’t glide like they are supposed to. Many of our patients are surprised to be able to do a backbend again or bend over and touch their toes after their spine gets “untwisted”. The bad news is that most of us are twisted up in some way because we have habits of sitting or moving the same way all the time which causes us to lock up. The good news is that many times, you can “untwist” your own spine when you learn how! The human body has some predictable areas that always seem to get tight and cause us get twisted up. To combat this and help you move more free, we have created an exercise sequence that works for many of our clients. Check us out on YouTube to learn the exercises that will unlock your spine and help you feel better: