Meet Nicole

Caroline Boyd, Physical Therapist Assistant

Nicole Horwat

Physical Therapist

Nicole graduated from Maryville University with her Bachelor's degree in Health Science in 2010 and completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2012. Nicole is passionate about getting her patients back to doing what they love, whether that's running a marathon or playing with the grandkids!

Nicole likes to use manual therapy techniques to help restore balance to the body, coupled with recruitment of specific muscle groups for purposeful strengthening complimented by PT techniques such as kinesio tape, IASTM tools, and education.

Nicole takes the time with each patient to listen in order to understand and help them restore what is truly important to them through a full body perspective. Nicole has competed for years as a swimmer, but also dabbles in running, rock climbing, paddle boarding, rowing, and martial arts - all activities with a focus on functional movement. She is a firm believer that the multitude of systems must be in balance for our bodies to function at their best.

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