Patient Testimonials

“Josh is a world class talent who provides top results. It was hard work, but Josh remedied my need for surgery, and steered me to whole body wellness. Those I refer have high praise for Josh as well.” - Tom

"Frankly, I shudder to think where my health would be without Josh and his team" -Mary

“ I have been in denial for quite some time about having to have both knees and both hips, and maybe even a shoulder replaced. I had just moved to St. Louis, where both yoga teacher and my pain doctor separately recommend me to Josh, For the past several month [1 1/2 years] I have been the recipient of not only his hands on approach, but more importantly, I have experienced his original and "out of the box" way of thinking. And by that I mean, he has gone beyond the traditional or "cookie cutter" approach., He has been able to create a regimen of exercises/stretches that has developed just for me. Knowing that I have Josh and his people in my corner, has given me the confidence to move forward over the next 3 - 4 years for all my up coming 4 - 5 orthopedic surgical procedures.” - Pat H.

“Caroline is the ultimate professional. She is caring, conscientious and thorough. I was more than satisfied by her attention to detail and procedure during my three month physical therapy experience.” - Linda

“In 2007 I went to Josh Borgmeyer for a carpal tunnel issue in my left wrist. Two weeks into the treatment, Josh discovered an eleven centimeter, stage 3 myofibrocarcoma in my right buttock.After the surgery, my wrist never bothered me again. This body, this miracle we live in, is too wondrous for words. Josh and I will be friends for life. He saved mine.” - Shirley

"Dr. Borgmeyer doesn't use a cookbook approach to PT. He creates an individual program for each patient." - Anne

“Josh has extensive experience in working through any pain or discomfort issues to get to the source. He has worked with me to change some of my long term gait and postural issues. I feel great!” - Jacque

“I love working with Caroline. She has been very eager to address any issues I have and is always able to show me what I need to do to stay flexible and pain free.” Betty

“Caroline’s been awesome. Very personable, knowledgeable and professional for her age. Would highly recommend her to anyone.” - Tom

“As a regular female client of Rachel's for the past 2 years I trust, value, & appreciate her conscientious attention to whole body wellness. Her personalized P.T. style both encourages & promotes my senior vitality. Rachel is a significant participant in my physical fitness!” - Pat

Six years spent with orthopedic doctors and physical therapists — lots of time and money. A 10-minute assessment with Josh — priceless. Josh figured out what was causing my multiple issues of pain, gave me a comprehensive plan of various exercises, especially things I can do myself while traveling, and sees me on a regular basis to work out the kinks. Josh has been challenged with my condition, but each time has come up with a way to relieve the pain. While I have to be diligent in following Josh’s program since it requires “daily" exercises, I pay the price if I don’t follow his advice. If I follow his recommended therapy exercises, I stay pretty healthy. - Joan

“My experience with Caroline has been excellent . She is thoughtful, she listens and tries very hard to accommodate each patient…A treasure.” - Lorraine

“With having experienced two complete knee replacements in the past 18 months, if it wasn’t for Caroline’s extra care, professionalism and technique, I don’t think I could be leg pressing 190 pounds today.” - Kathie

"I am a 35 year old workout junkie who loves the trending exercises, gyms, and dvds! A little over a year ago Josh partnered me with Caroline to focus on overall health as my husband and I were wanting to start a family. I knew that in order to have a healthy pregnancy my body needed to be stronger. My program started with a few fit tests. Then we focused on flexibility and strength training exercises. From there, Caroline switched up my normal routine of me putting in a workout DVD, to correcting my form/switching me from dumbbells to exercise bands. We added weight as I strengthened. This little adjustment helped me progress. Caroline had new exercises along the way as often as I liked. She would have me check in when I was ready to advance. Their team helped me improve my posture and core next. Today, I am 26 weeks pregnant with twins and I have never been so ready for pregnancy. Caroline knew the long term goals we were trying to achieve to get me ready for this next milestone. No matter what level of fitness you’re at or whatever your goals may be I highly recommend coming here first. I wanted an at home program that was tailored to my needs. I could come as often or as little as I like. Also, I had manual adjustments along the way to keep me aligned. After trying so many other “things” I finally found a cost affective program that works for me. Schedule your first appointment with Josh and he and his team will help you cross the finish line. Just remember that it takes work as clients to see results."-Courtney

I was referred to Balanced Body Rehab by a dentist friend of mine. I was looking for someone to not only treat but help me to prevent future back, neck, and shoulder pain associated with years of practicing dentistry.

I’m truly impressed with how much better I feel since starting with them. They not only focused on the specific pain and limited movement I was having but also taught me exercises and stretches to help eliminate the pain and prevent it from returning. As any dentist knows, our profession takes its toll on our posture, neck, shoulders, and back. I would strongly recommend they visit Balanced Body Rehab and see the positive change they can provide! -Mark

I have been a patient of Josh Borgmeyer’s for over 8 years.  He has helped me minimize the chronic pain associated with providing dental care for 35 years and years of competitive running. and triathlons. Josh not only provides great therapy, but he also educates and encourages me. Without Josh's help I don't think that I would still be practicing dentistry.-Anonymous

I have been seeing Josh and his team for years.  They have really helped with some of my neck and shoulder issues.  Josh is a fantastic diagnostician and understands body mechanics on a very high level.  -Jonathan

Josh is by far the most knowledgeable, accomplished and effective Physical Therapist I have ever encountered. Many from my organization feel the same way. -Rick