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"Rachel Phillips is the best. I started seeing her after a shoulder injury where I couldn’t lift my arm above my chest. She’s always positive not afraid to push me out of my comfort zone and treated my entire body. Starting with my posture working back through all pain issues. She has given me a complete workout that is easy to follow at home. She has been so good for my total well being that I’m afraid to stop my bi-monthly visits. The care is second to none. "
Sep 16, 2021
"Outstanding!! Dorie at the front desk is awesome-she sets the tone- I was evaluated by Dr. Borgmeyer and a treatment plan was initiated. Their treatment plan is not limited to the area of pain but treats the whole body which is out of alignment. It only took 2 sessions and I started feeling better. I give 5 stars !! "
Jul 10, 2021
"I started going to Josh over 10 years ago for severe back and shoulder issues. I won’t say that every session was pleasant…but oh my gosh, he knew exactly what needed to be done and worked until we were both satisfied with the results. Fast forward 10 years, I had joint replacement on my thumb and wasn’t healing like I thought I should be. I gave Josh a call, and in two visits I feel so much better! I am well on my way to full range of motion in my hand and can now pick up some items, where as before I had no grasp strength at all! Thank you, Thank you Josh!"
Jun 30, 2021
"On March 26, 2021, I had a total hip replacement at BJC West Hospital and four weeks later began physical therapy with Dr. Rachel Phillips at Balanced Body Rehab. Dr. Phillips prescribed a series of exercises which she initiated in their gym/offices and I was instructed to continue with these same exercises at home in between visits. She also addressed my incision which was critical to it healing properly. I can now actually roll over and sleep on the side of my incision without discomfort. She was very thorough in explaining what each exercise should do to increase the strength and mobility of the muscles in my new hip. When I began physical therapy, I was walking with a cane and now I am walking, climbing stairs, getting up and down out of a chair on my own without assistance. Once I completed my physical therapy session, Dr. Phillips provided me with a lifelong "short list" of exercises to continue strengthening my hip muscles and overall balance. "
Jun 14, 2021
"I am a big fan of Balanced Body Rehab. I particularly appreciate the comprehensive approach they use in assessing and addressing needs. I was a bundle of aches, pains, and tight muscles when I first visited. Now pain-free, I continue to see Josh twice a month by choice to maintain what I have achieved. He is truly gifted at what he does, and all the staff is excellent."
May 31, 2021
"I first came to Balanced Body to relieve pain in my legs, some soreness in my left shoulder and general balance issues. I was well received and welcomed by Josh Borgmeyer, who identified my problems with a posture screening. Over a period of nine weeks I have met with Laura Roth and Rachel Phillips, who have helped me immensely with exercises that have improved my ability to move freely and comfortably. I am very pleased with my progress and am determined to follow through with the exercises. My sense of balance has also improved. I even learned a new word: "proprioception"! Thank you all!"
Apr 14, 2021
"Josh and his staff are great to work with. They have helped me with body posture solutions for injuries. Super knowledgeable and great communicators. I enjoy their approach to help me balance my body!"
Apr 13, 2021
"I have tried many places for PT, (pick any one of the major or minor centers for PT around here, and I probably have a file!) but the Balanced Body Rehab philosophy and way of getting me to be conscious of how I move and hold my body, and treat the whole, not just the one or two parts that hurt, has been, for me, a new way to learn about what I need to work on and how things are connected. My condition has been a major part of my life for a few years now, but I think the progress I've made and the progress I hope to continue to make will be because of Robb and Josh and the team there."
Apr 12, 2021
"Dr. Borgmeyer was able to pinpoint my problem area in one visit and create a stretching and strengthening plan to get me back to running. I'm training for my 2nd marathon and feeling great!"
Apr 10, 2021
"My 16 yo daughter has been rehabbing from a serious sports injury with Balanced Body for 5 months. Everyone, from Dorrie at the front desk to Rachel and Josh, is exceptionally kind. But most importantly, everyone is exceptionally good at their job. My daughter is back to her sport, and I feel confident that, with the rehab and education through Balanced Body, she is ready. I would recommend this team of amazing professionals to everyone looking to be their fittest self!"
Apr 09, 2021
"Josh and his team are great. Laura does outstanding work. She is very professional and listens to the patient to address any issues. I recommend Balanced Body Rehab to anyone who needs any type of physical therapy."
Apr 08, 2021
"I have suffered with back pain, and more recently, sciatica. I have tried acupuncture, chiropractors, and injections, and several different P Ts. My pain management doctor recommended Josh at Balanced Body. For the first time until the last visit the therapist actually stands next to you the entire hour session to guide and educate you. They explain what you should be feeling and why. What a great experience. Thanks to all the wonderful PTs for their help. ,"
Mar 26, 2021
"I had elbow, back and neck pain for years. Tried PT, Chiropractic, and massage at other places. After 6 weeks of coming to Balanced Body Rehab working with Josh and Robb, I am feeling so much better and am ready to move on to fitness training. BBR looks at how your whole body works together and find the reason for your pain. Then they work towards a total rehab addressing posture and movement and even teach you to break old habits that were contributing to your pain. Feeling so much more educated about my body and feeling so much better!!"
Mar 18, 2021
I have been the recipient of not only his hands on approach, but more importantly, I have experienced his original and "out of the box" way of thinking. And by that I mean, he has gone beyond the traditional or "cookie cutter" approach., He has been able to create a regimen of exercises/stretches that has developed just for me. Knowing that I have Josh and his people in my corner, has given me the confidence to move forward over the next 3 - 4 years for all my up coming 4 - 5 orthopedic surgical procedures.”
Pat H.
“Caroline is the ultimate professional. She is caring, conscientious and thorough. I was more than satisfied by her attention to detail and procedure during my three month physical therapy experience.” - Linda
“In 2007 I went to Josh Borgmeyer for a carpal tunnel issue in my left wrist. Two weeks into the treatment, Josh discovered an eleven centimeter, stage 3 myofibrocarcoma in my right buttock.After the surgery, my wrist never bothered me again. This body, this miracle we live in, is too wondrous for words. Josh and I will be friends for life. He saved mine.”
"Dr. Borgmeyer doesn't use a cookbook approach to PT. He creates an individual program for each patient."
“Josh has extensive experience in working through any pain or discomfort issues to get to the source. He has worked with me to change some of my long term gait and postural issues. I feel great!”