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Are you controlling your body?

Or is your body controlling you? 

Balanced Body Rehab offers a wide range of services to help you regain the balance and strength you need to take back your life!

  • Detailed Structural Evaluation with Posture Mapping
  • Thorough Biomechanical Analysis
  • Soft-tissue Release/Mobilization
  • Joint Mobilization of the Spine and Extremities
  • Specific Therapeutic Exercise Instruction
  • Custom Foot Orthotic Fabrication
  • Coordinate with Personal Trainers to Optimize Program
  • Walking and Running Video Analysis
  • Kinesio, athletic, and McConnell taping
  • Physical Wellness Consultations

All patients will receive a detailed musculoskeletal examination to determine their needs, discuss a proposed treatment plan, and set goals. A note will be faxed to the patient’s physician informing the physician of the physical therapy findings and proposed treatment plan. A request for a physical therapy referral will also be sent to the patient’s physician if the patient does not have a referral with them. Physical therapists are required by Missouri Law to obtain a physician prescription prior to initiating treatment. Sessions are 25 minutes or 50 minutes in duration. 

Core Philosophy

Painful conditions are most often caused by improper movement patterns, faulty body alignment, and sustained poor postures. People often times will describe one incident that created their painful state, but the evaluation reveals that the patient had underlying factors that pre-disposed him or her to injury. The key to physical wellness is to correct imbalances of the body to reduce repetitive micro trauma. A balanced body allows a person to endure the physical tasks of everyday life with reduced risk of injury and pain. 

Balanced Body Rehab has a multi-dimensional approach to manual treatment of painful conditions. A treatment plan follows a sequential format that optimizes results and minimizes recurrence of symptoms. Treatment typically starts with soft-tissue release, followed by joint mobilization, and concludes with exercise instruction. The patient is taught how to assess their body for problematic areas, and then follow a specific exercise sequence to confidently self-manage their condition.